New grant: Seeding Food Studies at NCSU

Added on by Erin White.

ncstate university, with decades of land-grant experience and lots of really smart people, is in a perfect position to be a flat-out, cutting edge leader in food studies. 

we just got a part of a seed grant to help it happen.

led by Sara Queen, assistant professor of architecture at NCSU, we are partnering in an NCSU foundation grant to study the state of food research, teaching, and extension throughout the university, and then create new conversations and connections among the parts. called "seeding food studies: food systems research, assessment + innovative solutions for ncsu," our project will start by taking a comprehensive look at everything about food going on at ncsu. then we'll map it, identify existing connections and collaborations, and build transparent structures and processes like a website and workshops and in-person gatherings to create new links and flows of information. in simpler terms, we are aiming at bringing disparate corners of food studies together at ncstate, so that the incredible work going on can expand through collaboration and shared investment.

attention is growing around food. globally, locally, culturally, economically, and socially. ncstate has enormous capital in mind power, statewide connections through extension, big and small research dollars, and established national and global capability. ncstate also has incredible food-centered initiatives, centers, individual projects, a forward-thinking dining service, and departments that are already gaining big attention for their difference-making work. our proposal is that by bringing all the high-powered work onto the same playing field, new partnerships can emerge and new innovations in asking questions around food, communities, and learning can get opened up.  

grant period runs through summer 2014