How do you end hunger in Durham?

Added on by Erin White.

This is the fundamental question we tried to help answer for the community group End Hunger Durham at a recent workshop. As an action circle addition to the emerging  Durham Farm and Food Network, they are part of a growing momentum towards collective action in solving local food system challenges.

With support from Reinvestment Partners and Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, we designed and facilitated an event pulling together 30 leaders, thinkers, and do-ers in Durham's food security and food access world. The driving issue? How do groups that work all over Durham, and all over the Triangle, share information to better achieve their goals? What should a collective or community take on to achieve greatest impact? How can organizations that cover all parts of the charitable food supply chain learn how to connect better, fill gaps in delivery, and have better outcomes in reducing hunger?

Held in the new Bull City Cool food hub (another Community Food Lab project), this event was designed as a first step in identifying what the gaps and opportunities are. We looked at mapped data and we thought about where barriers in these efforts are. The group generated a long list of potential solutions: raw material for future action-oriented conversations to shift thinking on hunger in our communities.