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urban ag booklet series

Added on by Erin White.

Because urban agriculture is a frequently misunderstood yet rapidly growing phenomenon with immense benefits, our design team is currently working on a booklet series meant to inform readers about urban agriculture and local food. After sifting through countless reports and studies, the booklets will engage readers with easily digestible, graphic representations distilled from complex empirical data.

working sketch of benefits that urban farms bring to cities

working sketch of benefits that urban farms bring to cities

The first booklet focuses on the various potential returns on investment in multiple forms of urban ag, including community gardens, urban farms, residential gardens and market farms. We are finding that cities benefit from increases in tax revenue and lower municipal costs, communities benefit from better health and social connections, and local economies benefit by multiplying the spending power of local dollars.

Families who participate in community gardening are able to offset typically 30 to 40 percent of their produce needs by eating food grown in their own gardens

Our plan is to launch a kickstarter campaign to cover printing costs of this first booklet, and then continue the series from there with topics on community gardening, urban ag zoning explanations, urban livestock, and more. If you have topics that you'd like to see explored please let us know!