Our Team

Erin Sullivan White Principal, Founder email: white(at)communityfoodlab.org

Erin Sullivan White

Principal, Founder

email: white(at)communityfoodlab.org

A native of North Carolina, Erin White is a designer, entrepreneur, and teacher working for healthy food systems. Characteristic of his collaborative nature and his belief that diverse ideas lead to resilient solutions, Erin built this creative practice as a hybrid model in the intersection between design, consulting, and social entrepreneurship to allow free exploration into what it means to design for the human-centered territory of food systems. 

He has degrees from North Carolina State University and Bowdoin College, five years experience as a chef and line cook, one summer’s work as an on-site farm manager, two years work as a statistician with the NC Central Cancer Registry, three years experience as a framing carpenter, four and a half years of architectural practice with Boston's utile Architecture and Planning and Frank Harmon Architect of Raleigh NC, and extensive travels throughout the US and abroad. 

He is a founding member and interim Chair of the Capital Area Food Network, and a board member of Advocates for Health in Action. 


Briana Outlaw Food Systems Designer

Briana Outlaw

Food Systems Designer

Briana is a North Carolinian driven by creative design thinking and systems-based approaches. As a designer, Briana has a keen interest in asking better questions and creating design solutions that are evidence-based, socially driven, collaborative, and engage issues of equity.

She holds a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture along with undergraduate degrees in Environmental Design and Architecture from North Carolina State University. Her graduate studies focused on sociocultural equity concepts within landscape architecture to better understand appropriate community engagement methodologies, environmental justice, and place-based socio-cultural ecosystems.  Immersive travels to Europe and Africa have influenced her design approach towards greater consideration of resilient and equitable solutions for the shared wicked problems that we face today.  Her role at Community Food Lab includes project management, community engagement, GIS analysis and graphic design.


Jennifer Truman Event and Media Coordinator email: truman(at)communityfoodlab.org

Jennifer Truman

Event and Media Coordinator

email: truman(at)communityfoodlab.org

Jennifer has a passion for the design of places for people. Along with this desire to serve people, she brings to Community Food Lab a host of skills she’s acquired from her varied education and work experience. Engineering school made her a problem solver and lover of maps while opening her eyes to the nature of systems and logics of interrelationships. While working for a local non-profit organization, she learned to build strong people networks through social media and public events. These skills in capacity building and systems thinking combine with her knowledge of the transportation and water infrastructures of our everyday lives to inform her work here at Community Food Lab.

A recent graduate with Masters in Architecture, Jennifer studied not only the aesthetic and technical aspects of architecture, but also the cultural importance of the architect, in providing the places where people can live healthier and happier lives. Through Architecture she has realized the positive effect designers can bring to one of these systems - the food system - and she is enjoys being part of Community Food Lab and building a better food system.  

Janie Hynson Project Manager, Raleigh Food Corridor email: janie(at)communityfoodlab.org

Janie Hynson

Project Manager, Raleigh Food Corridor

email: janie(at)communityfoodlab.org

Janie Hynson bio coming soon.

Strategic Partners


Based in the Triangle, Greenscape is exploring new areas of impact that build on their core business in landscape services. Working with us to uncover creative food system opportunities through market innovations, Greenscape combines business expertise, landscape experience, and a radical curiosity about what the landscape company of the future looks like.

Working out of Calgary, Alberta, Intelligent Futures uses creative, collaborative approaches to rethink design, engagement, and urbanism. Big picture thinkers pushing the boundaries of traditional design practice and project delivery, Intelligent Futures brings sophisticated engagement tools and strategic innovation to our work together.


This Raleigh-based architecture firm has grown into a regional leader in the architecture of local food projects. Much of Community Food Lab's work straddles the line between planning, development, and architecture, and Matthew Konar Architect is a frequent partner able to move projects smoothly off of our desks and into beautiful built form. 

Poiesis Design and Planning utilizes landscape architecture, research, and innovative communication tools to improve the landscape at all scales through thoughtful engagement with clients, communities, and the environment. With deep technical background in food systems and local food infrastructure, Poeisis often teams with us on large-scale food system projects and systems change research.