Mapping Food Phenomena, Raleigh

Added on by Erin White.
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Inspired by the design research by Urban Think Tank into informal settlements in Caracas, using a method they called phenomenon mapping, we have undertaken a project of researching food phenomena in Raleigh. What that means is that we're looking for specific instances and events of food in city neighborhoods that start to teach us about how food exists in those settings.

Over the summer we walked a two-mile long, three-block wide stretch of Raleigh, photographing and mapping every instance of food that we came across. Collected and searchable on our flickr page, these 401 photographs tell a story of food's quiet but pervasive presence in our everyday lives.

We are currently building a public exhibit to share our project with Raleigh, as a way to focus attention on our relationship to food in the city, and to bring awareness to this particular corridor as a potentially significant territory for urban food.